Supported Studio Network

The Supported Studio Network (SSN) is a national body that builds capacity, provides resources and strengthens connections to sustain diverse supported studio models.

What is a Supported Studio?

  • A supported studio is a sustained creative environment that fosters and supports the individual practice of visual artists with disability

Supported Studios:

  • Facilitate professional development and career building opportunities for artists (both individually and as a collective)
  • Provide technical artistic support
  • Promote artists in the marketplace, networks and audiences outside the disability sector
  • Demonstrate a commitment to producing and presenting work of high artistic quality
suppported studio network logo pink circle with yellow outer swish and white text

Objectives of the Network:

  • Strengthen supported studios through research and information sharing
  • Promote the artistic contribution of supported studios and their artists as fundamental to contemporary arts culture
  • Respond to the development needs and growth of supported studios
  • Advocate for the recognition of artistic value of supported studios within the broader arts community
  • Foster pathways of leadership for people with disability within supported studios, the Supported Studio Network and broader arts sector

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International Studios

Supported Studios from around the world

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Steering Committee

The Supported Studio Network (SSN) was founded in 2011 and extended national reach in 2014.