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Deaf Arts NSW

Deaf Arts NSW (DAN) works to increase access to arts events such as theatre, galleries, festivals, screen based media and other cultural events for those who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing (HoH).

DAN also identifies and promotes the work of emerging and professional Deaf and HoH artists into the mainstream arts community, creating pathways for artists to further their careers.

Brokering partnerships with established Arts organisations for the Deaf community, creating collaborative opportunities, setting up mentorships for professional artists, forging professional connections, advising on grants and funding resources as well as advocating for greater access to the arts are all part of DAN’s reach.

Riona Tindal is the Accessible Arts Deaf Arts Officer working on behalf of the Deaf Arts NSW community. She herself is Deaf and fluent in Auslan.

Contact Riona Tindal, Deaf Arts Officer, at e:

To find out more about DAN please join the community Facebook group. For Auslan videos, please visit our Youtube channel.