19 October 2016

Become a Peer Assessor

Register to be a Peer Assessor with Australia Council for the Arts.

The Australia Council is committed to forming diverse and balanced peer panels to assess grant applications. We are looking for peers who have sufficient knowledge and experience of the arts sector to make fair and informed grant application assessments, and represent cultural backgrounds, age, gender, ability and geography.

If you are an artist with disability and would like to know more about being a peer or the peer assessment process, don’t hesitate in contacting us.

screenshot of peer panel assessor video

The Australia Council is committed to ensuring our vision, processes and outcomes recognise and reflect diversity. Our Peer Services team works closely with our peers to ensure that the assessment process is accessible.

This could include providing Auslan interpreters, having application material captioned or audio described, or having a carer support you at the assessment meeting.

Applications to be a peer re-open from the 29 August. If you would like more information about being a peer please contact the Peer Services Team:

PH: 02 9215 9000/1800 226 912

NRS: 1800 555 677