the words art and screen in black text within an image of a mobile phone


ArtScreen is a visual art project which seeks to enable artists with disability to develop their careers by creating work in the increasingly prevalent format of video art or ‘art of the moving image’.

The successful applicant will be mentored by experienced video artist Dr Zanny Begg to create a video artwork which explores identity and social connectedness in urban spaces.

If required, the production of the work will be supported by a team of students from inclusive screen production school Bus Stop Films and with equipment/facilities from Parramatta’s Information & Cultural Exchange (I.C.E.). The Prototype video art streaming platform will have an option to potentially exhibit the artwork online.

ArtScreen is a pilot project for an expanded version of the initiative which may be delivered in the future.

ArtScreen is being funded with a grant from the City of Sydney and in-kind contributions from Accessible Arts and other project partners.


A woman is sitting on stairs in a garden. She's wearing a black shirt and orange skirt. A black dog is sitting next to her
Dr Zanny Begg