Training and consulting service

Accessible Arts works with arts and other not-for-profit and corporate organisations to assist them in making their programs and services more inclusive and accessible.

The services that we offer include Disability Inclusion Training, reviewing Disability Inclusion Action Plans, and undertaking access appraisals of policies, procedures, systems, websites and venues.

As part of our Access Program, information, resources and guides are produced and available to assist arts managers to support the inclusion and employment of people with disability in all areas of the arts.

 Accessing the Arts Network

We also facilitate a professional development network called Accessing The Arts Group (ATAG). We host regular gatherings for information sharing an promotion of best practice activities.

For all access enquiries please email or give us a call on (02) 9251 6499.

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A room of 17 men and women during training, some standing, drinking coffee and chatting to one another, some sitting at tables
Disability Awareness and Equity Workshops

Accessible Arts offers training that gives you the confidence to make accessibility a natural and integral part of what you do.

Consulting Services

We consult with organisations to help them improve the accessibility of the programs and services they provide.