About Us

Image: Dan Daw Dan Daw is an Australian-born artist, currently based in the UK. He collaborates with a growing network of companies and artists to develop new dance work for UK and international audiences.

Accessible Arts is the peak arts and disability organisation across New South Wales

Accessible Arts aims to make art accessible to all.

We believe all artists, art workers and art lovers deserve every opportunity to experience arts how they so choose.

Through our experience in working with a diverse range of audiences with specific needs, we have paved the way in establishing programs that enable people with disability to follow their passion and also enable organisations to ensure their venues are accessible for all to visit.

Our Vision

Excellence in arts and disability

Our Purpose

To enable artists, arts workers and audiences with disability to have full, inclusive access to the diverse arts sector

Our Values

  • Inclusivity
  • Diversity
  • Equality
  • Creativity
  • Transparency

Our Aims

  • To empower and connect artists with opportunity, development and career sustainability
  • To foster a creative, vibrant and inclusive arts community in which everyone can participate and thrive
  • To provide sector leadership through innovation, sound governance, effective management and operational efficiency

Strategic Framework

The Accessible Arts Strategic Framework identifies objectives and methods for each of the above three aims.

For example, the first objective is to raise the profile of artists with disability. The first method to achieve this objective is to consult and partner with government bodies, arts organisations, and the broader commercial and not for profit communities to advocate for full inclusion and recognition of artists with disability and the excellence of their outputs.

The Strategic Framework may be read as a PDF or as a text only document.

To view our annual reports, visit here.


For Auslan videos, please visit our Youtube channel.

Our Services include

  1. Arts Development where we provide professional assistance to organisations and individuals in the arts and disability sectors. We help establish or improve programs that enable people with disability to develop their creative potential.
  2. Audience Development where we act as a consultant to arts organisations to help them with making their venue and services more suitable for people with disability.
  3. Disability inclusion and Equality Workshops where we provide Disability Awareness Training as well as Disability Action Plan development and review for arts organisations and arts workers.
  4. Consulting where we consult, with a focus on access audits and development of Disability Inclusion Action Plans (DIAP), that meet current legislation requirements and implement best practices.