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A still frame from Pulse, Daniel stands in what looks like a darkened dance floor, with a sift green light illuminating one side of his face. He wears a grey t-shirt and has a glow stick around his neck.

Screening of award-winning film Pulse

Filmmaker Johanna Garvin is competing in the World Marathon Challenge/Triple 7 Challenge in January – and attempting to be the first person to complete it in a wheelchair. She’s raising money for Cerebral Palsy Alliance and is holding a screening of the award-winning film ‘Pulse’ on 5 December (6:30 – 9:15pm) at Events Cinema, George St, Sydney, to raise funds towards her $50,000 fundraising goal.

About the film

Pulse is the ambitious debut of the talented Daniel Monks, who writes and stars in this body swap drama blending sci-fi with sexual teen angst and identity crisis. Olly is a gay teen with disability who discovers that his two straight best friends are dating each other. Frustrated by his body, he chooses to undertake a pioneering medical procedure: a transplant that puts his mind into the body of a beautiful young able-bodied woman. When his friends see through the beautiful, blonde façade to the troubled boy within, Olly discovers having the perfect body doesn’t fix unrequited love or a broken home. Self-destructive and at risk of losing all that is good in his life, Olly must decide whether his beautiful new identity is worth it.

About the marathon

SThe World Marathon Challenge consists of completing seven marathons on seven continents in seven days. Supported by experienced marathon runners Steve Birine and James Alderson, Johanna will start her challenge in Novo (Antarctica) before travelling to Cape Town (Africa), Perth (Australia), Dubai (Asia), Madrid (Europe), Barranquilla (South America) and finishing on 5 February in Miami (North America). Find out more about her challenge.

When: 05/12/2017 6.15pm - 9.30pm
Where: Events Cinema, George St, Sydney