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Susanne Zapatero: an artwork featuring a white tree with a large trunk, branches and leaves on a background in shades of blues and beiges

Share the Journey: Exhibition of works by Susanne Zapatero

Artist Susanne Zapatero first came to the attention of Accessible Arts earlier this year. She was one of the Emerge 2017 artists and was part of the Onion Reality exhibition at Front Up. Her work, Potential Life, was photographed and documented as part of a PlaceStories collection about that exhibition.

Susanne Zapatero: an abstract artwork featuring a tree, a face and words
Potential Life, 2017, by Susanne Zapatero

Now, and in conjunction with Mental Health Month, Susanne is being supported by a number of sponsors to exhibit her artwork and share her healing journey.

Where and when

Susanne Zapatero’s exhibition, Share the Journey, is at Novae Gallery, 1098 Botany Road, Botany, NSW.

The exhibition is from Tuesday 9 October to Saturday 27 October.

Gallery hours are 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. The gallery is closed on Sundays and Mondays.

All the works in Share the Journey are for sale.

Public opening

Novae Gallery is holding a public opening for Share the Journey on Wednesday 10 October from 10:00 am to noon. All are welcome and no bookings are required.

Words from Susanne Zapatero

“My prime motivation is to share with others the impact mental health issues have on a person. Painting is a healing pursuit for me. It has helped me to heal from hurt experienced throughout life, whether from neglect or abuse. My paintings can give other people the opportunity to relate about their own experiences and open up a discussion. It is often a hidden and ignored subject to talk about; though it is prevalent throughout our society.

The exhibition Share the Journey is about my journey towards healing. A lot of my paintings have words in them, as I was often silenced as a child. I can now express words and feelings that I wasn’t able to before.”

Notes about selected artwork

Tree of Life 1, 2014, acrylic on plywood (feature image at the top of this page)

Silhouetted against the layers of environment, trees flourish in the potential that is offered.

Susanne Zapatero: an artwork with a black background featuring a face with a covered mouth, the word 'shame' in large lettering and other words in smaller lettering
Shame, 2016, by Susanne Zapatero

Shame, 2016, acrylic on plywood

Shame speaks of the silence imposed by fear of further humiliation.

Susanne Zapatero: artwork featuring a face with a white nose and blue eyes and words including 'a darker reality'
A Darker Reality (detail), 2015, by Susanne Zapatero

A Darker Reality (detail), 2015, acrylic on plywood (image chosen for exhibition flyer)

This work asks: “Who is the self that lives within the darker places within?”

Feature image: Tree of Life 1, 2014, by Susanne Zapatero

This page was first published on 9 October 2018. This page was edited on 18 October to reflect the new closing date of 27 October.

When: 09/10/2018 to 27/10/2018
Where: 1098 Botany Road, Botany, NSW 2019
Phone: 02 8592 0370
Access information:
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