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A screenshot of a video of Sean Forbes performing, with his palms raised towards the camera

Sean Forbes – one show only

American hip-hop artist Sean Forbes is coming to Sydney for a performance and a youth workshop! Hailing from the music capital of Detroit and Deaf from infancy, his upbringing in a musical family led to an obsession with music and career as a rapper, drummer and songwriter.

Sean’s performances are a visual feast; he uses sign language, graphics and captions to express himself along with the thumping beats of hip-hop music. This is a not to be missed performance from an international Deaf artist. Find out more by watching the Deaf Society’s Auslan video and book your tickets for his performance at 7pm, 15 September at the Lair, Metro!

Youth workshop

Sean will also deliver a youth workshop on Thursday, 14 September at RIDBC Thomas Pattison School. Sean will share his journey, perform some of his hit songs and lead activities with a focus on rhythm and hip-hop. This is aimed at anyone from 10 – 17 years old and tickets are $10.

To register your interest for the youth workshop, email [email protected] or call 8833 3600.

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