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Five actors are on stage, wearing brightly coloured clothes and against a backdrop of a wall covered in graffiti.Three hold white laundry baskets and three appear to be singing.

Celebrating the arts in regional NSW

Artstate is a new four year project by Regional Arts NSW to shine a light on excellence in regional arts practice and to explore the exciting possibilities for arts and cultural development across the state.

Artstate will partner with Regional Arts Development Organisations to bring a program of regional, national and international speakers to share their experiences and knowledge – an opportunity to see the best the regional NSW has to offer. The partnership starts 30 November to 3 December in Lismore, with an exciting two day program of speakers exploring the themes of creative practice and creative partnerships.

Here’s the full line up, and don’t miss these top picks below!

Share House by Sprung!!

A dance theatre project co-devised by 5 emerging professional dancers with disability, mentored by Michael Hennessy and Kate McDowell. The dynamics and tensions of share house life come to the fore as the five young housemates decide to throw a dance party. But with distractions at every corner, will this ever get off the ground?

With more than 80 workshops and 4 full length works behind them, one of which has been short-listed for an Australian Dance Award for outstanding achievement in community dance, Sprung!! is at the cutting edge of integrated dance theatre in Australia.

Saturday 2 December, St Paul’s Hall, Saturday 7:30pm – 8:30pm, FREE

Speakers Program: Presentation – Emergency – Call the Arts!

Sam Sangster, Chief Executive of NSW Health Infrastructure and Scotia Monkovitch, Director of the Creative Recovery Network will present two different aspects where the arts makes a difference in the lives of people facing the burdens caused by illness, injury and hospitalisation or the impact of natural disasters on their lives. At times these impacts will overlap. Sam will present two regional NSW case studies showing how arts programs are enabling collaboration and community spirit as art becomes an integral part of hospital redevelopments.

Friday 1 December, Lismore City Hall, 3:45pm – 5:00pm, FREE

When: 30/11/2017 to 03/12/2017