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Accessing the Arts

A collection of practical checklists and information sheets for arts and cultural organisations to assist in improving access and developing audiences. It is highly recommended that a professional access consultant be used if you are making any structural or major building changes.




Disability Awareness

This is an information sheet providing basic information on disability and disability definitions in Australia. This information sheet answers questions such as disability definition and disability prevalence in Australia. A useful resource for staff training and induction.

Publications Access Audit

These simple guidelines will help you to understand the access needs of people with disability in relation to printed material to help ensure full accessibility. We suggest that these guidelines are also provided to any designers that your organisation works with to help them understand the needs of people with disability.

Accessible Arts can provide further advice on marketing to the disability community and can help you promote an event or service.

Venue Access Audit

The following checklists are a simple and easy to use access audit that allows you to evaluate the accessibility of your own venues in regards to a range of issues including parking, ticketing, seating, signage etc. These can assist you in prioritising where changes are needed. These access audits can also be used as  tools to help staff understand the needs of visitors with disability.

If you are interested in discussing access issues, Accessible Arts can provide advice upon completion of a professional audit.

Universal Access Symbols

Universal Access Symbols - online downloads of access symbols for use in web content and promotional materials to communicate access information to broad audiences, promote audience development and inclusion of people with disability at venues and events.

Website Accessibility

Access IQ - online information on content, contacts and education that equip individuals and organisations with the information they need to ensure their websites, web applications and digital experiences are accessible.

Further Information

For more information contact Sarah Houbolt, Access and Training Project Manager, Accessible Arts, tel: +61 2 9251 6499 ext 107 or email: