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Universal Access Symbols

These symbols should be used to promote the accessibility of venues and services. The symbols advertise your accessibility to employees, customers, audiences and anyone else who needs access to your venue, building or offices.

Access Checklists

The following are a collection of practical checklists for arts and cultural organisations to assist in improving access and developing audiences.

Arts Development

Integrated Performance

The interACT Resource Kit has been designed to assist those who want to work in integrated performance settings.

Integrated Dance

Writings on Integrated Dance, edited by Neridah Wyatt-Spratt. This unique publication brings together practitioners, dancers and arts workers to discuss their experiences and techniques

National Disability Insurance Scheme [NDIS]

The NDIS is a new way of providing individualised support for eligible people with permanent and significant disability, their families and carers. It will provide eligible people with a flexible, whole-of-life approach to the support needed to pursue their goals and aspirations and to participate in daily life.