Supported Studio Network

The Supported Studio Network (SSN) is a national body that builds capacity, provides resources and strengthens connections to sustain diverse supported studio models.

What is a Supported Studio?

  • A supported studio is a sustained creative environment that fosters and supports the individual practice of visual artists with disability

Supported Studios:

  • Facilitate professional development and career building opportunities for artists (both individually and as a collective)
  • Provide technical artistic support
  • Promote artists in the marketplace, networks and audiences outside the disability sector
  • Demonstrate a commitment to producing and presenting work of high artistic quality
suppported studio network logo pink circle with yellow outer swish and white text

Objectives of the Network:

  • Strengthen supported studios through research and information sharing
  • Promote the artistic contribution of supported studios and their artists as fundamental to contemporary arts culture
  • Respond to the development needs and growth of supported studios
  • Advocate for the recognition of artistic value of supported studios within the broader arts community
  • Foster pathways of leadership for people with disability within supported studios, the Supported Studio Network and broader arts sector

elderly man with white hair and glasses painting on a canvas
Art in the Garage (NSW)

Art in the Garage supports people with disability by enabling development of their individual creativity, art making skills and pathways to professional development, as artists.

Sculpture of large naked women eating rainbow cake
Arts Project Australia (VIC)

Arts Project Australia supports artists with intellectual disability in the development, promotion and inclusion of artistic work within contemporary arts practice.

Painting of two men talking to each with text written on the whole canvas and in text bubble
Brisbane Outsider Artists' Studio (QLD)

Brisbane Outsider Artists' Studio provides an environment for artists with disability to develop their visual art skills to become independent practicing artists.

Eleven ceramic Frida Kahlo sculptures glazed in bright colours
Monte Lupo (QLD)

Monte Lupo supports people with disability in developing skills in ceramic art, printmaking, textiles, jewellery, drawing and sculpture, as artists.

Painting of a rabbit holding a watch with a chain attached and a lady lying on the ground looking at him. There are butterflies and dark bushes in the background
Project Insideout (NSW)

Project Insideout provides a studio and gallery space for developing and emerging artists who experience mental health disability.

Three stick sculptures wrapped in colourful wool standing on a plinth in a gallery.
Roomies Arts (NSW)

Roomies Arts is an independent organisation that supports and promotes the creative expression and professional development of artists with disability.

Brightly coloured painting in posca pens of two men standing in front of a store
StudioA (nsw)

Studio A is a supported studio based in Sydney that supports the professional development, artistic pathways and creative opportunities for artists with intellectual disability.

Artists sitting on red foldout chair in a gallery delivering artist talks with their artworks hagning on the walls in the background.
The Art Factory (NSW)

The Art Factory provides artists with disability in the Riverina region with support, guidance, mentoring, networks and career pathways to establishing an arts practice.

Artwork made out of paint pen on paper with an image of a devil man wearing a green and blue suit against a colourful background
Tutti Arts (SA)

Tutti Visual Arts program offers professional support in painting, drawing, sculpture and new media projects, giving artists access to pathways that lead into creative industries.

image of john demos working as his canvas
Steering Committee

The Supported Studio Network (SSN) was founded in 2011 and extended national reach in 2014.

painting of grey owl on blue background with moon in corner
ArtGusto (VIC)

ArtGusto is a supported art studio full of energy, vibrancy and original ideas. It is a studio for artists self-motivated to create.

Painting of black cockatoos flying over a purple mountain range
Bindi Art (NT)

Bindi Art Mwerre Anthurre provides a space where artists with disability are empowered through art making and develop work in cultural connection to country.

Free Space Studio (NT)

The Free Studio Space is a supportive visual arts project that focuses on the creative development and professional pathways for people with disability.

Two small ceramic pots with colourful dots and stripes painted in glaze
Nambucca Valley Phoenix (NSW)

Nambucca Valley Phoenix Studio provides a place for emerging artists with disability to develop individual goals, as artists.

Artist standing in front of a gallery wall coverd in multiple colourful drawings of superheroes and monsters on paper
Red Inc. (NSW)

The REDinc. School of Visual and Performing Arts Studio provides a unique and professional environment that supports the creative development of artists with disability.

Red and black pen drawing on paper of a skeletal fish
AAV art studio programs (VIC)

Arts Access Victoria (AAV) runs dynamic and diverse arts projects providing people with disability opportunities to create and celebrate art.

Two artists creating artwork at easels. One man is weraing a bright red shirt the other a blue shirt.
Studio R.E.D (NSW)

Studio R.E.D. in Byron Bay supports the artistic expression of people with disability and provides opportunity for people to develop as professional artists.

Graffiti style artwork with various portrayals of painted faces including Micky Mouse and other pop culture images.
The Studio (TAS)

Interweave Arts facilitates innovative arts programs, like the Access Arts Link Studio, which supports the creative and professional development of individual artists with disability.

image of painted hands
International Studios

Supported Studios from around the world