Claudia Chambers

Music (percussion, drumming) and Dance

Client focus: mobility disability; moderate intellectual disability; severe intellectual disability; hearing impaired/Deaf; communication impaired; vision impaired; cognitive disability; brain injury; and mental illness.

Children and adults all ages

Biography: I am passionate and enthusiastic about teaching percussion and movement in an accessible fun way. I have over 15 years’ experience teaching people of many ages, backgrounds and abilities and am a registered secondary teacher and Workplace Category 4 Trainer. I have lived in Spain for four years where I studied with some of Flamenco’s leading artists before moving to Ireland to both teach (Irish Drum Academy, Walton’s Music School) and perform. Back in Sydney I run Drumming up Confidence, Rhythm for Beginners and many other workshops in schools and community organisations.

Region: Eastern Suburbs and inner Sydney.

Contact: email


Sarah de Jong

Music and Drama

Client focus: mobility disability; moderate intellectual disability; severe intellectual disability; vision impaired; and brain injury.

Adults all ages (18+)

Biography: I trained as a secondary teacher in music and drama, have worked in these fields for approx 30 years but as a composer, director and sound designer. I am freelance and have had much experience working with adults with a wide range of abilities. I use many techniques to achieve the results I want and do not ever start with a set of fixed expectations. My aim is simply to get them to be able to play music either alone or in a group and to gain pleasure and stimulation from this. I have approx. 30 years experience as a composer, sound designer, voice and singing teacher, theatre director and theatrical collaborator. Recent work includes music therapy at Minimbah – training centre for adults with severe intellectual disability. I also run music workshops for Theatre of Image for children aged between 5 and 11 yrs old. Current work is writing a major song cycle for four singers and composing a score for a new production of a play in Sydney.

Region: Sydney Lower North Shore, Sydney Inner West, Sydney West.

Contact: email

Wendy Grose

Music – singing, voice production and projection. Drama.

Client focus: mobility disability; moderate intellectual disability; severe intellectual disability; hearing impaired; speech disability; vision impaired; cognitive disability; brain injury; and mental illness.

Adults all ages (18+), youth

Biography: I am a singer / actor / director.  As a workshop presenter I have worked with Karingal, Awakenings Festival, schools (primary and secondary) and the Royal Children’s Hospital.  I also facilitate community performances. My approach is flexible, depending on the needs of the people I am working with.  Workshop focus can be to inspire vocal confidence, to ‘free’ the voice, explore characters, acting, singing and/or create a performance.  I require no facilities, just space. My professional credits in Australia and the UK with many major companies in opera, orchestras and theatres including Back to Back Theatre and Amici Dance Theatre.

Note:  Wendy is based in regional Victoria, so may need assistance with accommodation and travel.

Region: Victoria and around Australia.

Contact: Voiceworks Theatre email

Andrew Hewitt

Music – drum and percussion workshops

Client focus: mobility disability; moderate intellectual disability; hearing disability; vision impaired; and brain injury.

Adults all ages (18+) or any age group

Biography: I am a drummer with Cerebral Palsy who has been working around the mainstream Australian Music Scene since the late 80s. Being born with a disability, I have an understanding of what people have to go through to perform even the simplest of tasks which able-bodied people take for granted. Some of my work with people with disability has included workshops at Cerebral Palsy Alliance in NSW; Novita, Adelaide and various one on one rehabilitation sessions with people around Sydney. I run a workshop program called ‘The Drums in Motion Project’ for people with disability. I share my ideas on how I have managed to overcome certain physical aspects of drumming. My drum and percussion workshop program aims to help people with disability to find their own creative element. This also helps each participant to develop co-ordination skills and improve their fine motor skills.

Region: Sydney

Contact: email


music group tra la la blip playing electronic music instruments on stage

Charlie McMahon


Client focus: I have experience working with people who have limited mobility; moderate intellectual disability; severe intellectual disability; communication difficulties; and autism.

Children (0-12 yrs), youth (13–17yrs), adults (18–65yrs)

Biography: I have been a professional musician since 1985 performing and composing original didjeridu based music with my ARIA award winning Gondwanaland band and as a soloist. To facilitate playing with my prosthetic right arm and expand the role for didjeridu in music I invented the pitch shift didjeribone which is now manufactured in partnership with indigenous artist Tjupurru. Since mid 2007 I have been employed part time by ASPECT as a support worker for adults with ASD’s and have developed a unique music programme that enables clients to record engaging dance rhythms with the use of robust user friendly audio electronics. The music at the sessions is extraordinary. I can bring amps and all audio equipment to a site.

Regions: CBD, Northern Beaches, St George and Sutherland Shire, Inner West, Western Suburbs, Hills District, Eastern Suburbs, Blue Mountains.

Contact: email

James Paul

Music – Singing, piano, guitar, drumming, drama, movement

Client focus: mobility disability; moderate intellectual disability; severe intellectual disability; hearing disability; speech disability; vision impaired; cognitive disability; and brain injury.

Adults all ages (18+), seniors

Biography: I am a musician and music educator with a passion for spreading the joy of music! I have teaching experience with a variety of people in the community, from adults with a disability to teenagers with a mental health issue to young offenders. I am also a performer and musical director in a number of world music styles. I have a number of years experience working with people with disability, from children to adults. My teaching techniques focuses on fun, inclusive activities that encourage communication and are age-appropriate, respectful and inspiring. I hold weekly workshops at a number of centres around Sydney, including the Western and Eastern Suburbs. These include singing classes and choirs, drumming circles, music appreciation, music therapy, guitar and keyboard classes, recording projects and live performances by participants.

Region: Sydney, East, Sydney Inner West, Sydney West, Sydney Lower North Shore.

Contact: email

Finn O’Keefe

Radio Production and Sound Design (Film)

Client focus: limited mobility; moderate intellectual disability; severe intellectual disability; hearing impaired/ Deaf; communication impaired; vision impaired; brain injury; and mental illness.

Children (0-12yrs), youth (13-17yrs), adults (18-65yrs)

Biography: I am a freelance sound designer and electronic music composer who has produced work for numerous short and feature length films and documentaries. I am also an experienced workshop facilitator who has devised and run workshops for organisations including TAFE outreach, Accessible Arts, Information and Cultural Exchange (ICE) and Powerhouse Museum in areas such as radio production, editing with pro tools, music production and other multimedia software. I also have experience in working on CCD projects and community radio. I have mild cerebral palsy.

Region: Sydney, Western Suburbs, Inner West, North Shore, Eastern Suburbs.

Contact: email

Please note: The tutors have submitted their own details to the website. Accessible Arts does not endorse or recommend the tutors listed but provides this contact list as a resource for disability/arts organisations. It is the individual organisation’s responsibility to check the credentials and experience of each tutor.