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Accessible Arts Policy Officer and other people around a table in discussionAccessible Arts advocates for the inclusion of people with disability as artists and audience members through policy, projects and research. 

This includes maintaining a watchful brief and advocating for the interests of artists with disability on a wide range of arts and disability policy changes, including the moves towards person-centred approaches and the National Disability Insurance Scheme and the National Cultural Policy.



Accessible Arts advocates for the inclusion of people with disability in the arts through making responses or submissions to relevant Government and Parliamentary discussion papers and inquiries. 

Accessible Arts also maintains a watchful brief on issues for artists with disability by attending networks, forums and conferences including 


Accessible Arts seeks to drive the policy agenda by initiating and participating in projects with other organisations. 


  • Deaf Arts Access Project 2012 - examining the experiences of the Deaf community in the arts across NSW and the access practices in the arts for people who are Deaf or hard of hearing. With the support of Deaf Australia (NSW), Deaf Society of NSW, Ephpheta Centre and Parents of Deaf Children, Accessible Arts undertook research and consultation with the Deaf community about their experiences in participating and accessing the arts in NSW.
  • Survey of Arts Programs/Projects for People with Disability in NSW 2010 - This survey complements a pilot study undertaken by Accessible Arts in 2008 to gather basic information about arts programs provided by disability services in NSW. The survey aimed to highlight gaps that may exist in the creative opportunities for people with disability and any barriers that restrict choice of involvement in these creative programs.
  • Access and Heritage - Removing the Obstacles 2010 - It is often presumed that heritage legislation limits capacity to incorporate accessible design into heritage spaces. As the peak arts and disability organisation for NSW, Accessible Arts in conjunction with key stakeholders, is identifying the issues surrounding the provision of disability access into arts organisations and services located in heritage buildings. This content analysis research (legislation, guidelines and policy) and issues is provided in a report entitled Removing the Obstacles, completed in December 2010.
  • Speak Up: Arts & Disability Priorities for NSW 2009 - This report is the result of a three year consultation project with arts and disability stakeholders across NSW. It identifies key findings, issues and solutions to promote full inclusion, access and cultural opportunities in the arts for people with disability.
  • Western Sydney Scoping Study 2009  - Accessible Arts undertook a scoping study of disability services in Western Sydney to determine their knowledge and use of arts centres in the region. The scoping study involved consulting with the disability sector through conducting a survey that focused on areas such as awareness and frequency of visits to local arts centres; barriers to access; most appropriate performance and workshop times and costs; the types of activities and services people are interested in and the best way to keep people informed about future events and opportunities.


Further Information

For more information contact Tammy Brennan, Communications Manager, Accessible Arts, tel: +61 2 9251 6499 ext 101 or