Individual photos of five people standing against a stone wall with a vine growing on it. Photos by Susan Wright

Our Staff

Kerry Comerford, Chief Executive Officer
Is responsible for all aspects of the organisation ranging from the day-to-day operations to the strategic direction.
[email protected] +61 2 8379 3101

Liz Martin, Arts Development Manager
Works to enhance opportunities for people with disability to participate in quality creative activities across all art forms. Liz also leads the disability inclusion training offered by Accessible Arts.
[email protected] +61 2 8379 3102
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Kay Richardson, Operations Manager

Maintains the key operational, financial, training, IT and human resources functions.
[email protected] +61 2 8379 3104
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Ann-Maree Rundle, Administration and Project Officer
Provides across-the-board support for a host of Accessible Arts projects.
[email protected] +61 2 8379 3105
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Wanda Sadowski, Marketing and Communications Manager
Provides marketing and communications support for Accessible Arts.
[email protected] +61 2 8379 3103
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Riona Tindal, Deaf Arts Coordinator
Supports Deaf and hard of hearing artists through the provision of advice, information, promotion, collaboration and mentoring. Riona also coordinates the Deaf Arts Network.
[email protected]
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Feature image clockwise from top left: Riona, Liz, Wanda, Kay, Ann-Maree

This page was last updated on 20 October 2018.