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Youth Arts Access audience development

28/02/2013 - AArts News

In 2012 Accessible Arts ran the Youth Arts Access program. This pilot project brought together young people with disability, their family and friends from across the city to explore Sydney’s cultural precincts and players.

The program was supported by St George Foundation and included upwards of 50 attendees across 5 events, including performances in dance, music, and theatre.

Attendees visited CarriageWorks, the majority of the Sydney Opera House venues including Opera Theatre, Concert Hall and Studio space, and concluded at the Capitol Theatre.

“Highlights of the program included contemporary dance with Platform 5: Hip Hop contrasted with an Introduction to Ballet and an excerpt from Graeme Murphy’s Beyond Twelve.” Said Sophie Clausen, Access Manager at Accessible Arts.

“Sydney Symphony impressed with the re-creation of catchy theme music from Pixar films such as Toy Story, The Incredibles and Finding Nemo, showing skill and collaboration from a stage full of musicians. Music and theatre combined in an entertaining afternoon at Chitty Chitty Bang Bang in the exquisitely decorated Capitol theatre with it’s night sky dome above and, guilt edging and Roman statues…or were they Greek?”

The program facilitated discussion and discovery between members on the challenges and the changes that enable everyone to enjoy and share in the arts.

For more information see the Youth Arts Access project page.