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Access The Arts Group moving into 2013

22/02/2013 - AArts News

Access The Arts Group (ATAG) is set to continue informing it’s members with quarterly meetings in 2013, where speakers and cultural institutions present the latest on access in the arts. Our four successful ATAG meetings for 2012 included the engagement of representatives from the disability sector, including the Cerebral Palsy Alliance, People With Disability and Sylvanvale Foundation.

We heard from the disability sector about some of the challenges groups face, ranging from physical to attitudinal barriers as well as resources, energy, and priority management.

We were treated to the latest developments and the high tech refurbishments of Museum of Contemporary Art and their National Centre for Creative Learning, using high-speed broadband to reach rural and remote communities to run visual arts related workshops. This segued nicely with Roger Hudson of Usability, offering a refresher on website accessibility.

Our final meeting for the year was suitably hosted at Australia Council for the Arts, where Practice in Motion, an arts and disability exhibition was showing. We heard from Australia Councils’ Program Manager, Morvenna Collett about her recent arts and disability related trip to Washington and Canada, and Sancha Donald, Accessible Arts CEO, of her time in London as part of Unlimited UK.

ATAG’s 2013 planning meeting was held in late February, where discussion and debate was open about what is and what isn’t working, and who we are able to engage in ATAG to keep the group informed and engaged with accessibility in the arts. More information about the coming year's agenda will be available soon.