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Arts and the Individual Forum

21/02/2013 - AArts News

A colourful painting of a city perched on the top of a hill, under a bright rainbow.The Arts and the Individual forum will be hosted in Newcastle, the launch site of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) later this month.  With the roll out of the NDIS to the Hunter Region, Accessible Arts has partnered with the Octapod Association and the City of Newcastle to explore issues that affect artists living with a disability in the Hunter region, through the free forum, Arts and the Individual.

The NDIS represents a strategic opportunity to advocate for ‘reasonable and practical support’ for the needs of artists with disability and to gather information about questions surrounding the operation of the scheme. In support of the NDIS, Accessible Arts, the Octapod Association and the City of Newcastle has set out to gain a keen understanding of issues for artists with disability from the launch site of the Hunter region.

Sharon Grierson, Federal MP for Newcastle will officially open the Arts and the Individual forum, which will be held at the Newcastle Museum on 28 February. Artists, carers and service providers are invited to share and explore issues and ideas in relation to the roll-out of the NDIS, specific to artists in the Hunter Region.

For further information see NDIS and the Arts, or contact Elizabeth Hill, Policy and Project Manager, Accessible Arts, tel: 02 9251 6499 ext 104 or