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Supported Studio Network Profile: Art in the Garage

07/02/2013 - Feature

Accessible Arts is promoting visual art studios across Australia that support the professional development of artists with disability. A new network connecting the studios to each other and to contemporary art culture has been developed called the Supported Studio Network (SNN).

The network includes a new website with information, profiles, interviews and resources. Short films have been produced to highlight and promote the artistic value of supported studios and their artists.

SSN defines a supported studio as a sustained creative environment that fosters and supports the individual practice of visual artists with disability. Facilitated by practising artists, crucial to such studios are the opportunities they offer artists to be involved within wider artistic networks, thereby assisting artists to develop a professional career.

A working party comprising of an experienced collective of volunteers are driving the vision and objectives of SSN. The working party is currently seeking members from the following visual arts fields; Gallery management, Research, Curatorship, and Tertiary visual arts education. Membership to the working party is by expression of interest.

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