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Milk Crate Theatre Wins Australian Social Innovation Award

10/01/2013 - Sector News

In December 2012, Milk Crate Theatre was announced the winner of the Macquarie Group Foundation Australian Social Innovation Award for its contributions through theatre to the homeless communities of Sydney. Milk Crate Theatre is a not-for-profit theatre company established in June 2000 to connect the homeless community to the arts as a means of addressing mental health issues.

The Award recognises and rewards Milk Crate Theatre’s community shows program as addressing an unmet community need in Australia. The community shows are Australia’s only ongoing theatre program devised by the homeless community for the homeless community. An ensemble of people who have experienced homelessness and/or social marginalisation write, act and stage manage the shows, as well as interacting with the show as a participating audience.

Milk Crate Theatre will receive $100,000 over the next two years to promote the organisation’s activities and fund its theatre rehearsal programs.

Richard Sheppard, Chairman of the Macquarie Group Foundation Board, said: “On behalf of the board and our judges, we are very proud of the high calibre of submissions received this year and I would like to commend all the organisations and individuals who participated. I personally congratulate Milk Crate Theatre for their commitment to continuing to develop innovative programs that address social needs and long-term community problems.”

Source: Media Release Milk Crate Theatre 7/12/12