How to use this website

 Welcome to the new Accessible Arts website.

This is an overview of how to use our website. The site predominantly uses the corporate colour pink, with white and grey text features.

The Accessible Arts logo is positioned in the top left hand corner of the site. This logo is pink with white symbol that has a lower case letter ‘a’ sitting on top of the lower half of an upper case letter ‘a’. To the right of this symbol is the text Accessible Arts, with arts plus disability in text directly beneath it.

The full logo reduces in size when the user navigates away from the home page. It simplifies to the white symbol and Accessible Arts text.

Main Menu

The site has been structured to allow for easy navigation, with five primary navigation links appearing in the main menu which is at the top of each page.

The main menu items from left to right are:

Home, About Us, Programs, Access and Resources Pages.

At the very end right-hand side of the Main Menu, you will find the Search function. This is the most direct method of finding information on the Accessible Arts website.

Image Slider/Carousel

Under the Main Menu you will find a large image slider that is a carousel gallery with a series of images highlighting the work we do. Each image in the gallery uses alternative text to describe the content of the image. This feature has a pause, play function on the bottom right corner.

Two Columns and Grid layout with Sidebar

The pages on this site either follow a two column design with text, or two column grid with text and relevant content items, that include an image.

The grid layout is a series of boxes with an image, a pink bar that describes the type of content, the title of the item, and a short text extract. To access the full article/information on a page, you click on either the image or title of the item.

The other main feature of this website is a right hand side bar.

Right Hand Side Bar

To the very far right of the site is a series of sections with content that the user can access when on any page of the website.

The content remains in the same descending order that when clicked will open other content pages:

  • Accessible Arts Instagram Gallery
  • A pink button that allows you to sign up to the monthly e-news
  • An image and grey button that links to the Accessible Arts arts worker directory
  • Six stacked pink buttons that are quick links to our most visited pages on the website
  • A scrolling gallery of our sub-brand logos that link to the relevant page

Home Page Features

The main feature of the Home page is that it has two columns laid out in a grid style format. The grid on this page is displayed as a series of boxes, six in total.

At the top and bottom of each of these columns is a hypertext link that opens a page where all items for that category can be viewed.

The left hand column is News content, and the right hand column is What’s On content.

The news content is segmented into three areas: Accessible Arts news, Sector news and Feature news articles.

The What’s On section features events and opportunities.

Grey Footer on the Home Page

Unique to the Home page is a grey footer that on the left in white text has our mission statement and link to our About Us page.

To the right in this area are a list of social media icons that link to our social media presence on Faceboook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube.

Directly below these icons are three grey buttons in the following order:

Submit your Event

Monthly eNews Sign Up

Access Quarterly Sign Up

Pink Fat Footer

At the bottom of site is a pink fat footer with four columns with content that is a series of white text with hyperlinks to pages that contain content for each section.

Column One

  • Our People
  • Our News

Column Two

  • Annual Report
  • Funders

Column Three

  • Policies and Guidelines

Column Four

  • Accessible Arts Contact Details
  • Accessible Arts ABN


Text alternatives have been provided for all images, where possible. Images that are purely decorative have not been given text alternatives.


Colours have been chosen to provide good contrast between text and backgrounds.


The content of all text-based links has been written clearly and concisely to aid users with assistive devices.

Accessible Arts has five subsidiary project websites, and where relevant the user will be redirected to a URL that will open in another tab.

Word Documents

 All word documents are a direct download on this website.

Enquiries and suggestions

 We are happy to answer any additional questions you may have, and welcome constructive feedback on the accessibility of this site.

If you have any questions or suggestions accessibility, please contact Accessible Arts by email, or +61 2 9251 6499.

Direct download How to Use this Website [Word]