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About Us

Accessible Arts is the peak arts and disability organisation across New South Wales.

Accessible Arts promotes and provides opportunities for people with disability to participate in arts and cultural activities either as audience members; through attending galleries, theatres, museums and festivals; or as participants in art, drama, music, dance and multimedia activities; and by developing as professional artists.

Our Vision

Our vision is a society in which people with disability can contribute to and fully experience the arts and cultural life.

Our Mission

To promote full inclusion, access, opportunities and leadership in the arts for people with disability through advocacy, education and information.

Our Business

We are in the business of arts and disability and work towards providing the following services across New South Wales:

  • Expanding Audience Development by acting as a consultant to the arts and disability sectors to help them with access, marketing strategies and significant initiatives

  • Supporting people with disability who want to become professional artists by creating supportive environments in which artists can develop their arts practice and gain business skills

  • Training arts workers who wish to work with artists with disability

  • Developing opportunities for people with disability to express their creativity

  • Giving voice to the lived experience of disability by providing a forum for work produced for and by people with disability and about disability

Our Services

Our key services include:

  • Arts Development

    We provide professional assistance to organisations and individuals in the arts and disability sectors. We help establish or improve programs that enable people with disability to develop their creative potential.

  • Audience Development

    We act as a consultant to arts organisations to help them with making their venue and services more suitable for people with disability.

  • Training

    We provide Disability Awareness Training as well as Disability Action Plan development and review for arts organisations and arts workers.

  • Information

    We provide information to individuals and organisations in the arts and disability sectors via our enquiry service, website, e-newsletter, podcast and resource library.