About Us

Accessible Arts is the peak arts + disability organisation across New South Wales.

Our Vision

Excellence in arts + disability.

Our Mission

To provide leadership in arts + disability through information, advocacy and the facilitation of excellence in arts practice.

Strategic Objectives

Facilitate pathways to best practice and artistic excellence in professional arts + disability;

Engage and communicate with artists, audiences and other stakeholders in pursuit of arts + disability excellence;

Advocate and evaluate sector development across the continuum of arts + disability practice.

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Other languages

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Accessible Arts

Our Services

Arts Development

We provide professional assistance to organisations and individuals in the arts and disability sectors. We help establish or improve programs that enable people with disability to develop their creative potential.

Audience Development

We act as a consultant to arts organisations to help them with making their venue and services more suitable for people with disability.


We provide Disability Awareness Training as well as Disability Action Plan development and review for arts organisations and arts workers.


We provide information to individuals and organisations in the arts and disability sectors via our enquiry service, website, e-newsletter, podcast and resource library.