Pledge your support for eight talented Australian artists with disability to perform in Berlin!

Thank you very much to everyone who completed our survey and/or was interviewed in June and July 2017 as part of our sector consultation. Below you can read our summary of key findings from the research.

We are looking for people with lived experience of disability to become Accessible Arts advisors, to work with us on various projects relating to disability, access and the arts.

what's on

Integrated workshops: PrimeOrderly

Dean Walsh is running two integrated workshops exploring his practice, PrimeOrderly.

30 November
Celebrating the arts in regional ...

Artstate is a new four year project by Regional Arts NSW to shine a light on excellence in regional arts practice.

19 October
Liveworks Festival

LiveworksFestival, a festival of Experimental Art from across Australia and the Asia Pacific, is coming to Carriageworks from 19 - 29 October!